Leaving Tips For Waiters

Leaving tips for waiters is quite a common practice when you go out to enjoy a meal. How much do you generally leave? If you ask around you will get plenty of different answers to that question. Some individuals leave a set percentage of the total bill which can work well for the waiter if the menu prices are high. There are even pocket charts that you can carry around with the amounts on there so you don’t have to worry about figuring the math out accurately on your own.

Other people decide on the amount of tip to leave based upon the service that is provided. Many waiters understand this and they strive to provide each table with the very best of service. They even go out of their way to be personal and to be fun too so that the guests will be encouraged to leave a better tip. This is why some waiters go home with a pocket full of tips each night while others in the same establishment have much less to show for their efforts.

Tips for waiters can also depend on how much money you have available in your pocket. Today it may only be a couple of dollars but next time it could be much more. While this method isn’t really fair to the waiter it is one that is commonly used. I guess it may all work out in the end with the overall scheme of things though.

Keep in mind that when you pay with a credit card or debit card, you can choose to have the tip added in. This dollar amount will be passed along to the right waiter. This is a great alternative if you are low on cash on hand but definitely know how important tips for waiters really are.

It seems that those previously walking in the same shoes seem to be more free with the tips for waiters as long as the service is great. That is because they remember all of the hard work that goes into such a job. They also remember the thrill of finding a huge tip left behind as well as the disappointment when it is small or non-existent.

There is also that group of people that don’t feel they should have to leave a tip at all. They have the mind set that tips for waiters are a way for the restaurant owner’s to not have to pay decent wages. So they will pay for their meal and nothing more. This isn’t always fair but there are no laws mandating tips have to be left.

However, some locations do add it into the bill for parties that are large. That is due to the time they take to properly care for. Those restaurants that do so will have a sign posted so if you don’t like that rule you need to go someplace else to enjoy your meal. For the most part though people don’t mind these types of mandatory tips for waiters.