Preparing Yourself for Boot Camp Workout

Boot camps generally refer to the military training given to those who have applied for recruitment in the armed forces. It’s necessary that the persons, who are going to take up the boot camp, are prepared both physically and mentally, to fit into the shoes of a military man. To be fit, to take up the boot camps, practices of calisthenics are recommended.

Fitness industries are emerging as one of the major businesses in the market today and there seems to be no dearth of fitness camps, most of which offer programs like adult fat camps and boot camp workouts. Enrolling yourself into one of them would be the best foot you can put on to lose weight or stay fit. It’s also necessary that similar to getting prepared for military boot camps, one must get prepared for boot camp fitness program too.

“Early bird catches the worm”, so get up early in the morning to exercise. Most boot camp workouts would involve running, pull ups, push ups, squats and so on. Prepare both your mind and body for the routines. Running is the best warm up one can do, most people pace up at the start and get tired halfway through, start at a slow, but steady pace and gain speed at intervals. The best way to get prepared for your running workouts would be to mix your speeds- Jog a mile initially to get yourself warmed up, then take 3 sets of sprint for 1/4th of the distance, jog again for 1/4th of the distance, take 5 sets of sprint for 1/8th of the distance. Do not take rest in the middle of workout, try to take rest while you do your jogging routine by having a slow relaxed run, have a timer and try improving your speed everyday by at least a few seconds.

Push-ups are one more routine which would find their place in a majority of these workouts, the position where you place your hands, while taking push-ups are vital as they may affect the number you do. The apt position to place your hand would be just outside your shoulder width. Initially it might be tough to get even 10 pushups done in a set for some, don’t lose heart, just tell your mind that you will double the count for tomorrow what you do today, and follow it.

Sit ups are mostly part of adult fat camps and they may very well earn their place in here. People seem excited and burn out their energy in the initial sit-ups in quick time and can’t even seem to repeat half of what they did in double the time. So rushing through won’t help, going through at a steady pace and steady rate would be more essential.

Pull ups are one of the most tiresome routines, highly essential that one practice pull ups before the camp. Following the pyramid workout would help, just doing 1 pull up in the first set, 2 in the second and keep on adding till ten, and doing it in reverse.

Doing these basic workouts 3 weeks prior to the boot camps would be an ideal preparation, to get both physically and mentally fit.