Dog Food Recipes – The Little Known Dog Nutrition Alternative

Using dog food recipes to make your dog’s meals from your own kitchen could be the best decision you make for your dog’s health. The pet food recalls have made dog owners take a much closer look at what they feed their K-9’s, which puts the pet food industry under a very unwelcome microscope.

For as long as most dog owners can remember, they have been providing their dog’s meals from a can or a bag bought from the store. There was no other way that was common to families. It was like putting gasoline in a car or buying clothes from a store. For feeding dogs, there was only one source – commercial dog food.

It’s hard to think of any other way when even our veterinarians recommend store brands. Some even sell them out of their offices. But to reduce your dog’s risk of health problems and disease, learning how to make his meals yourself is the best choice. If you choose the right dog food recipes, the meals you make for your dog will not contain the additives, chemicals, or other unhealthy ingredients that the commercial varieties have.

With dog food recipes, you decide what goes into the meals you prepare for your dog. It’s the best way to keep your dog safe from the possibility of another tainted pet food scare. If another one occurs, you will have absolutely no worries.

With smart planning, using dog food recipes can be less expensive and time consuming than most people think. Of course, it’s easier to quickly give your dog store brand food, but each time you do, you are decreasing his life span. I’m sure you’ll agree that your dog is worth the extra effort. The solid proof will be when you see his increased energy level and better overall health.

Dogs whose owners use dog food recipes to make their meals have longer lives, fewer health problems, and decreased risk of disease during their lifetimes. The extra expense for this type of diet ensures fewer vet bills and most importantly, less heartache from a sick pet or one that dies too soon.

I’m sure you can see why dog owners all over the world are using dog food recipes and switching to homemade meals. It’s safer and healthier for your dog, you have control over the ingredients, and your dog will live a longer, happier life.