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Planning a Vacation – Look For the Right Travel Agency

Formerly a British colony, Belize, the small yet magnificent Central American country, is breathtakingly beautiful with numerous activities to offer to its visitors.

This small land consists of inhabitants coming from diverse backgrounds ranging from Creole, Mayan, Garifuna, Hispanic, Mestizo and Middle Eastern. There is the world-renowned barrier reef, dense rainforests, beaches, mountains, along with island adventures, Mayan ruins, jungles, exotic wildlife and lots more to explore in Belize.

With so much to explore and experience in Belize, you would not want to miss even a single delight. Therefore you need somebody who can guide you throughout this enchanting country.

A travel agency well versed with Belize can easily arrange the accommodation, tours etc. for you. Travel agents can guide you throughout your journey, suggest the most exotic places to see and look after your needs.

But finding a good, reputed travel agency is not that easy. You need to check certain things before you let any travel agency to take care of your travel plans.

The following tips will help you in choosing a travel agency which can make your vacation productive and satisfying:

Check out the certifications

The travel agency should have the licensed certificates of some approved travel authority. Check out whether the agency is a member of the American Society of Travel Agents. An ASTA certified travel agent is reliable, as the world’s largest association of travel professionals. There are many stringent rules and requirements to become a member of the ASTA.

Contact Information

A reliable travel agent is the one who can be contacted physically and not just over e-mails. If the address of its office is not mentioned on the website, then it is a cause of worry.

No hidden charges

A reliable travel agency won’t charge you any hidden fees for their services. They would mention right in the beginning the entire expense of your tour and won’t ask extra money for the services they have not delivered.

Personal assistance

If you manage to find a travel agency which can assist you personally at your destination and throughout your journey, then you may have the agency you need. A good travel agency is one which not only provides impeccable services at best prices but also gives advice and adds value to your vacation.

Agents can put you in the right group

The kind of people who are traveling with you in a group make a lot of difference to your trip. For example, if an older couple is made to travel with a group of honeymooners, then quite naturally they would feel a little odd. Hence, tell the agents what your preferences are. They can help you join the people of the same age group and areas of interest.

Recommend according to your budget

Travel agencies typically enjoy a wide network of contacts with hotels, resorts, restaurants, companies offering snorkeling and diving gear and other equipment. They can recommend places and accommodation based upon your budget and requirements. Suppose you want do snorkeling or diving. A travel agent can guide you to the place, such as Ambergris Caye, Hopkins or any other place where you can indulge in your favorite activities set in your budget. Similarly, if offbeat tours such as Belize jungle vacations or adventure tours is what you like, it is always better to let the agency chalk out your itinerary according to your budget.

Plan early

The earlier you start planning, the better. If you wish to visit Belize and its popular islands (called cayes) during the month of Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year, book as early as possible. The sooner you contact a reliable travel agency, the better accommodation you are likely to get. The peak season to visit Belize is between the months of December to April. Therefore, contact your travel agency and book in advance for your Belize jungle vacations or Belize adventure tours to avoid the rush.

Island Holbox Whale Shark Adventure

Every summer the waters around Holbox Island Mexico are teaming with giant hungry feeding sharks. So why are so many people getting into the water with these ravenous beasts? No special cages or protection are used yet thousands of people flock from around the world to take their chances swimming with sharks! While many people may think the idea is crazy, swimming with Whale Sharks is actually very safe and a once in a lifetime experience.

Whale Shark season is from mid May to mid September off the Coast of Holbox Island near Cancun Mexico. The largest fish in the world reaches lengths of over 40 feet (13 meters) with a weight in excess of 21 tons. Whale Sharks return to the waters around Holbox year after year due to the unique environment and timing of available food which occurs each spring and continues through most of the summer.

The Whale Shark is a filter feeding fish with a primary diet of plankton and other microscopic plants and animals and has been observed on occasion feeding on very small schooling fish. The conditions around Isla Holbox are ideal during the summer months as it is uniquely situated near the merger points of the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. This joining of three oceans creates a rich seasonal explosion of life.

The Whale Shark poses no threat to humans on a snorkel or diving expedition; in reality it is a wonderful opportunity to change the false perception that sharks are man eaters. The Whale Sharks around the Island of Holbox actually seem to enjoy and welcome the human interaction and are quite gentle and slow moving. The experience of swimming with these magnificent fish is awe inspiring.

Isla Holbox provides the ideal and closest land location in the world to experience an encounter with these very large majestic and peaceful creatures with access only 20-60 minutes from the island by boat. Tours and expeditions from this Mexican island location have been featured by National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, Shark Diver Magazine and many others.

The typical Whale Shark swimming experience requires only a snorkel, fins and mask though most tour operators also require and provide a life vest. After a briefing on guidelines and safety you’ll take an early morning boat ride from Holbox Island to the feeding areas of the Whale Sharks where they lazily graze on plankton near the surface. You are then escorted in small groups or pairs with your biologist guide into the water where you swim along side one of natures oldest and largest creatures, it truly is a Jurassic experience!

The calm and slow swimming pace of the Whale Shark makes access to these great fish easy for most people, kids as young as 5 years of age and as old as 90 have swam with the Whale Sharks. The direct interaction with these incredible animals is a once in a lifetime experience. Getting to the sharks is an adventure in itself with schools of dolphin common and a variety of tropical birds including; Flamingos, Pelicans, Cranes and a wealth of others indigenous to the area.

If you are interested in this amazing experience there are a number of wonderful hotels on the island, from luxury boutique hotels to cabanas on the beach, a night or two at least on Holbox is worth the trip. Isla Holbox is a friendly fishing village hosting a population of around 1500 permanent residents, mostly fishermen, hoteliers and tour operators. Golf carts are the preferred mode of transportation on this sleepy Tropical Island and natural playground.