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How to Get Cheap Travel Deals

If you wish to obtain cheap travel deals, then you have to look at a few critical components that are involved in any traveling. They are flight or cruise charges, hotel or other accommodation costs and car or van arrangement for going around in the place of vacation. Each one of these components offers lot of scope for money saving in travel deals nowadays. Let us take a look at how we can get the best deals for travel inland and abroad.

The year 2008 was quite shaky, to say the least. Major economies faced a spiraling downturn, with consumer and investor confidence badly hit like never before. Oil and housing prices skyrocketed and then fell flat. However, the New Year 2009 promises to be much better. According to industry experts, the top travel destinations for this year are likely to be Canada, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Jamaica, Spain, France, the UK, Canada, and China. However, the popular tourist destinations in these countries would also be quite costly. Still, if you plan to go to the United Kingdom, you might consider some place like Birmingham or Liverpool instead of London. Similarly, Buenos Aires in Argentina would definitely save you money than Barcelona in Spain.

There would be all-inclusive offers for specific destinations including the air travel, hotel accommodation, and cruise costs. The air fare on discounted special rates and the stay in bargain hotels with free breakfast and free nights, along with special cruise or local sightseeing fares would be given as a single package. Watch out for such discount travel deals or package schemes.

Since the oil prices had indeed nosedived, you might consider driving around in your car for all inland travel within your country. Even rental car rates are likely to be competitive for some time to come till the gas prices go up again. Hotels and tourist destinations are also turning greener with increased awareness of environmental cleanliness. The hotels are bound to offer cleaner and healthier rooms at bargain rates. The food is going to be more oriented towards products grown through natural farming. All these would tend to keep you healthier during your travel.

The travel deals come in different names like last minute deals, weekend offers, weekday specials, and leisure packages. There are certain destinations that attract huge crowd during weekends and such places would be available at a discount during weekdays. In contrast, business centers would be costly during weekdays and cheaper during weekends. You have to do some research and find out such varied travel deals. More and more travel agents are putting up integrated leisure packages to exotic destinations as a single travel deal. Many of them are presented in off-season periods. You might be surprised that these travel deals are likely to save you up to 60% also in certain cases. Be on the lookout for such leisure packages.

It is not at all difficult to obtain cheap travel deals. The Internet had enhanced the scope of discount deals. Hundreds of travel deals could be found on the net. Compare them and plan well ahead. You would definitely save a fair amount of money in your travel deals.


Cheap Travel Deals For the Best of Asian Destinations

Are you currently in the process of planning your big Asian getaway? Well this is certainly a very exciting time but given that traveling tends to cost a lot, you need to plan and prepare well for your trip so that you will be able to score cheap travel deals no matter which Asian destination you decide to go to.

When it comes to cheap travel, it does not automatically translate to rundown accommodations and crappy food. As more people are more open to traveling, there have been loads of cheaper travel options being made available to the public both by airline and hotel companies.

When making your travel bookings, always make sure to look out for big sales or discounts that the hotel or airline is offering for certain periods of time. If the dates under the promo seem to be a good fit with your schedule then do not hesitate to make your travel booking. If you are planning to go with your group of friends or with your family, always be on the lookout for possible discounts for group travel as well. Also, learn to enjoy flying economy class in airlines. Sure it may be a little cramped especially for budget planes but there is absolutely nothing wrong in flying economy class. Not only will you be able to travel around but you will also be able to save significant amounts of money as well.

For cheap travel destinations in Asia, here are some suggestions on places that you might want to pay a visit to: Hong Kong, Shenzen, Macau, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia. These cities and countries are all very popular Asian destinations for budget travelers who want to get more bangs for their buck. Hong Kong and Shenzen are definitely popular choices to visit when it comes to shopping and unique fashions while Macau is for those who are looking forward to visiting the Las Vegas of Asia while the Philippines and Thailand are somewhat similar in the sense that both offer great shopping sales as well as cheap food however, both are also well regarded for its beautiful beaches. While the Philippines have Boracay and Palawan, Thailand on the other hand, have Phuket and Krabi to boast of. All of these are simply considered as paradise on earth especially by beach bunnies that are looking forward to soaking up some sun and getting the perfect tan. Of course, not to be missed are the various temples in Bangkok, Thailand as well as in Indonesia and Cambodia. All these places show the unique culture of Asian people making them more interesting to foreign tourists.

However, while planning your trip, do not make the mistake of being overly cheap with everything little thing that you end up regretting your choice of some things like a crappy hostel room which does not even have a working flush. Sure you are on the lookout for a great bargain but that does not mean that you should start depriving yourself on simple pleasures like a nice, decent hotel bed and a clean bathroom.


Relocation & Immigration – Destination Australia

We got the feeling that the people there are nice, life not as stressed as in other countries but above all there was this mystery that appealed to us, we really knew nothing about it and this “unknown” was very attractive.

We didn’t know if we wanted to immigrate to Australia, the word immigration can sound pretty daunting doesn’t it… we decided we wanted to spend some time in Australia and our first destination was Melbourne. An amazing city that was quite embracing from the very beginning so after 2 months we realized we have to find out how we can stay there.

Our dream was to become Australian permanent residents, we knew that would enable us to stay in Australia, live and work here and have a life without limitations because nothing is really possible on a tourist visa except traveling.

We felt we needed the grounding and the legal basis of living in this amazing country. Finding the right migration agent was quite a journey but we ended up choosing somebody who seemed reliable, professional and caring enough and we felt comfortable to work with. Skilled Migration seemed to be the best option for us as I was an accountant and accountants were on high demand (appeared on the MODL).

We first had to go through the skills assessment process so I had to get my skills assessed so that I could nominate the occupation of Accountant. At that stage we felt very stressed in time and going back home was not an option so we decided to apply for a skills assessment with all assessing bodies even though only one is enough so we applied to CPAA ,ICAA and Vetassess too (in case the first 2 are not successful).

We were very stressed in time as I wasn’t working and one of the basic requirements in Skilled Migration is to have recent work experience so in our case time was of high essence.

Luckily the first stage was completed successfully and all the skills assessments were positive and once that was completed our visa application was lodged.

It took about 10 months overall but our stress levels were pretty high, I remember I used to think that our determination and perseverance is being tested here…

Getting the visa approved was one of the happiest days in our lives, it was too good to be true! We had to go overseas and get our visas evidenced in our passports at the Australian embassy in New Zealand and there was something magical about coming into Australia with a permanent visa in your passport and later with an Australian passport. We felt very proud!

Today, 8 years after our move and Australian citizens for a few years by now I can say that migrating to Australia was one of the best decisions we made in life that opened the door to many options. We took a leap of faith and it was definitely worth it!